So in the ideal world healthcare folks come with credentials and experience.  In truth the credentials are in fact real but the ability to relate to a patient’s reality can leave a lot to be desired.  I know this because of my own efforts (and those of many friends and family) in finding medical professionals over the years and the astonishing lack of real world experience in treating the conditions I present.  They try but it’s hard for them to relate and thus difficult for them to effectively treat my issues.  Instead I find them, quite literally as I’ve watched this happen, research my problems on Google.

I know, again from my own experience both seeking help physical issues and bipolar treatment, that of the dozens of physicians and psychiatrists I’ve seen in my time only a handful have been able to actively take the time to listen to my symptoms.  Those few that actually have relative experience are even fewer.  It is painful to sit in a doctor’s office, bear yourself body and soul, to only have it dismissed with a few questions and, more often than not, a prescription.  For me this has led to a bevy of medications over the years, mostly pain pills although I’ve been lucky enough to escape addiction, and frankly has rarely led to a lessening of my symptoms.

Why is this?  Is it because the doctor didn’t listen enough?  Because the doctor didn’t ask the right questions?  Because he or she was in a hurry due to the healthcare system and its ceaseless imperative to get as many patients through the office as possible?

But perhaps it is because I didn’t explain it well enough.  Maybe it’s because we go for the quick fix rather than the long run effort.  Who knows the answers to these questions?  Not me, that’s for damn sure.  Like so many others, I’ll just keep trying my best and taking the meds.

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