One thing I enjoy most is reading other articles and blog posts about mental illness and will be sharing my Top 3 with you in the hopes of increasing awareness:

The Bipolar Puzzle: What does it mean to raise a bipolar child?

When Claire, a pixie-faced 6-year-old in a school uniform, heard her older brother, James, enter the family’s Manhattan apartment, she shut her bedroom door and began barricading it so swiftly and methodically that at first I didn’t understand what she was doing. She slid a basket of toys in front of the closed door, then added a wagon and a stroller laden with dolls. She hugged a small stuffed Pegasus to her chest. “Pega always protects me,” she said softly. “Pega, guard the door.”…

Hearing voices? Don’t assume that means schizophrenia

We’ve known for a long time that hearing voices, or auditory hallucination, is reported by people with a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses as well as by those who have none. Indeed, 5-13% of adults will hear voices at some point during their lives…

Mental health – There’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution

Every day Aitkin County social workers strive to help individuals living with mental illness. Each day, social workers make every attempt to connect those dealing with mental health issues to the right programs and resources…

I hope you have found this helpful and look forward to sharing more information to you soon!


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