One thing I enjoy most is reading other articles and blog posts about mental illness and will be sharing my Top 3 with you in the hopes of increasing awareness:

First lady: Mental illness should carry no stigma

The military reaches out to help troubled Service members, and helping people with mental health issues “is what we’ve got to do for every single person in our own lives,” First Lady Michelle Obama told attendees at a conference in Washington, D.C., last week.

As part of the White House’s Joining Forces initiative, the first lady addressed mental-health professionals at the “Give an Hour” conference at the Newseum. (read more here)


Mental illness: shedding light on the darkness (pssst…this one is really good!)

Like many people, I didn’t disclose my history of mental illness on a job application for my first lecturing post.

It was a calculated decision. I’d been fired from a non-academic role after experiencing distress on the job. Following my five-minute meltdown, I was seen as a liability and managers lost confidence in me. I’d been in remission for some years, and I wasn’t about to make myself vulnerable again in my application to work at a university. Or so I thought. (read more here)


Interesting study on the use of cannabis in people with bipolar disorder

The findings that cannabis use was associated with an increase in positive affect, manic and depressive symptoms is consistent with current literature that suggests cannabis can produce a range of psychological effects.  (read more here)




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