One thing I enjoy most is reading other articles and blog posts about mental illness and will be sharing my Top 3 with you in the hopes of increasing awareness:

Mental Health: A New Priority in Corporate America – by Nancy Wang

Joe Sifer was a moody, agitated and sometimes angry young employee at Booz Allen Hamilton in 1996. He suffered at work. He was told he had potential but he needed help.

Now a senior vice president at that same strategy and technology firm, Sifer said without the care the company provided him 20 years ago, he would not be where he is today.


Mental illness rampant in war-torn Syria – by AFP

Damascus – Exhausted by four years of war and economic hardship, Syrians are suffering from an epidemic of mental illness, from suicidal adults to children plagued by recurring nightmares.

The number of Syrians with mental disorders has increased by a quarter since 2011, the health ministry said last month, revealing the extent of the damage for the first time.


Offering help to families, independence to mentally ill – by AZ Central

George Cejudo sits at a table with his easel. Carefully, he mixes his paints and applies them to his canvas. Slowly, he begins to shade in the lower face of a portrait.

Cejudo, a Phoenix resident, was enrolled in the PSA Behavioral Health Agency’s respite-care program for families caring for adults with mental illness about two years ago.

Cejudo’s family found support. He found independence, enrolling in an art program.

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