I hope you have all had a fantastic day. Here are my Top 3 articles for the day:


Federal trial to tackle Washington’s mental competency wait lists – Martha Bellisle, The Associated Press

SEATTLE — A federal judge has deemed unconstitutional Washington’s practice of holding mentally ill people in jails while they await competency evaluations and treatment, and during a trial that begins Monday, lawyers for mentally ill defendants and the state will try to find a remedy.

Could your guy have postpartum depression? By Julie Revelant

Postpartum depression is something that seems to only affect new moms, yet experts say many fathers can suffer from depression after the birth of a baby, too.

Paternal postnatal depression isn’t just the baby blues or adjusting to fatherhood. It’s a real condition that, left untreated, can linger for years and affect a man’s quality of life, his relationship with his spouse and his children’s well-being.

Shrinks: Academic charts evolution of treating mental illness – Margaret Quamme

Jeffrey A. Lieberman would like to perk up the image of psychiatry.

“The profession to which I have devoted my life remains the most distrusted, feared and denigrated of all medical specialties,” he says.

Not that it never deserved that reputation. But Lieberman makes the case that psychiatry now is radically different from the way it was practiced even a few decades ago.

In Shrinks, Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University and a former president of the American Psychiatric Association, explores the brief and often unhappy history of psychiatry as a medical specialty.

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