I hope you have had a wonderful day. Here are my Top 3 article choices about mental health issues that came out today!

The Drugging of Children in Foster Care – By Philip Hickey, PhD

It’s no secret that here in America, foster children are being prescribed psychiatric drugs, especially neuroleptics, as a means of controlling their behavior.  A great deal has been said and written on the matter.  Politicians have declared the practice deplorable.  Children’s advocacy groups have expressed concern, and, of course, those of us in the antipsychiatry movement have screamed till we’re hoarse.  But the problem persists.

A Corporate Push to End the Stigma of Mental Illness – by Sigurd Ackerman

When a corporation pledges to raise $10 million to support a worthy cause, it rarely makes headlines. That was not the case when skin care company Philosophy recently announced that it will donate one percent of sales of certain products to organizations that help treat people with mental illness.

So why is this announcement newsworthy? Clearly it is a wonderfully bold, substantive initiative by a forward-looking company willing to talk about mental illness and back that talk up with meaningful action. But its very newsworthiness also highlights a distressing fact. It is an indicator that while corporate support for mental health research, treatment and awareness efforts is uncommon, nearly non-existent, many other health issues receive regular and substantial corporate philanthropy.

Combating the Stigma of Mental Illness – by Dustin DeMoss

Mental illness in the United States of America is an ever-increasing issue that affects millions of individuals in various ways and to varying degrees of severity. While it’s true that mental illness can sometimes be treated with great success, including the near eradication of symptoms in certain patients, sometimes symptoms are so debilitating that the individual in question is unable to work or otherwise provide for themselves. For these individuals, symptoms may never fully disappear.

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