A quick summary of TBL blog posts you may have missed and a quick list of interesting psych articles and blogs out this week, prepared just for you!

TBL TUESDAY – This Bipolar Life: OCD Moments

In my experience I have had a lot of struggles with my bipolar and one of the hardest has been realizing that there are conditions that are often found together with it. OCD is one of them. And for me it is one of the most difficult and, at times, scary…

TBL THURSDAY – This Bipolar Life: The Meds Merry-go-Round

So whenever you get a diagnosis of bipolar the first thing the docs, and reasonably so, want to try is medication. Of course this is along with behavioral therapy but they definitely want you on meds. This can get very interesting as you sometimes have to try dozens of different meds and/or med combinations to figure out what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t. When they don’t work, well that can trigger any number of reactions, some fun and some not so much…

Blog: Learning to Welcome a Bipolar Diagnosis – by Karen Zainal (Huff Post)

“If you’re a frequent reader, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting at a markedly reduced rate. The arrival of spring has, for me, coincided with a new season in life.

Frankly, ideas no longer come to me as readily as they did over the last few months. Or if they still still do, then perhaps it’s the words I need to convey them that are no longer at my beck and call. I’m aware of how my fingers no longer chase after words that once spontaneously spilled onto the keyboard.”

Opinion: How to help a family member with mental illness (LA Times)

Dear Liz: My son, who is almost 50, is mentally and emotionally challenged. He has been unemployed and homeless for years. Although not a criminal, he’s been in jail a few times because of his explosive, combative nature. There seems to be no help for him in the state where he lives. I do send a few dollars for his basic needs when I can, but must be careful with my budget. Do you have any tips that might be helpful in this situation?


News: Recurrence dominates bipolar illness course (MedWire News)

The course of bipolar illness is rarely chronic but multiple recurrences are common, suggest findings from a 5-year naturalistic study.

Chronicity in terms of uninterrupted persistence of the index episode was seen in only 1.3% of 156 patients with bipolar I or II disorder, the researchers note, but symptoms recurred in 87.0% of 150 patients, with almost half of these experiencing three or more recurrences.

Blog: When Your Child is Diagnosed with Bipolar: Becoming a Loved One – By Brad Hoefs (Bipolar Hope Magazine)

Recently someone my wife and I love very dearly was been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. I find myself learning a lot from my wife about becoming a helpful and healthy loved one. It’s a new role for me.

News: The music of mental illness: how a new project aims to challenge stigma (The Guardian News)

Young composers and people with experience of mental illness are using the genre of classical song to de-stigmatise the issue.

The unique collaboration, which includes compelling descriptions of being sectioned and frank accounts of life with mental illness, culminates in two free public concerts in London.

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