This Bipolar Life: A Lifelong Affair?

Do I want to be better? Yes, but I am fine if “better” doesn’t come in the form of a cure. I’m perfectly okay if it comes out of a bottle of pills and the help of a good therapist along with a great circle of support and a fantastic psychiatrist.

I know full well that my bipolar disorder is sticking around and I’m always aware that it could rear its head at anytime but I also know myself (and my disorder) well enough now to be able to catch the episodes as they arise. Note that this doesn’t mean I can stop them necessarily, just that I can be aware and that’s a great first step that frankly took me years to get to.

However, although I would love to see a future cure, I mostly work hard being “better” now. Whether it’s for myself or my family, I need to be stable and because of that I need to stay focused on managed care rather than the pursuit of a cure. If a cure came my way and had enough scientific background and peer-reviewed studies involved I’d possibly give it a chance but really, if I’m doing okay I’m not likely to mess with my balance. I kind of like being able to know where I am in my space – mental and physical.

Besides, I think those around me kinda prefer it that way… 😉


2 thoughts on “This Bipolar Life: A Lifelong Affair?

  1. Very empowered. Patients like you that fully understand your health are so inspiring. Good luck to you in your journey and if you ever have questions about your disease, medications, or navigating the healthcare system, please reach out to me.

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