So, many of you know that us bipolar folks like to be either resting or go-go-going and even more of you know I’m more of the go-go-go type. That being said, I recently had surgery that has required me to stay put. In fact I have to rest all the time except for 10 minute walking sessions every hour. My rational mind has decided I can look at this as either a burden or a blessing and have realized I have the choice. I have the power to choose how to perceive this situation and position it in my mind. So, I have decided that this is an opportunity for me to rest and practice my meditation that I usually stink at. I literally have hours on my hands with nothing to do except read, knit or surf.

Reading: I’m doing lots of that. Tons of articles I’ve saved and never gotten around to reading. Finally using that subscription to the New York Times that I pay for but rarely use (I do so enjoy reading ‘The Stone’ though!) and even delving headfirst into some novels that my mom left behind from her last visit. She tends to do that and I’m never sure if it’s by accident, not wanting to pack more stuff, or if there’s a message in those books I’m just supposed to find. Regardless it’s more material than I know what to do with sometimes.

Knitting: Well I pretty much suck at that. I keep trying and I keep not doing so great. What I really need is someone to come teach me and that’s been hard to find being so homebound. There are classes I keep swearing I’m going to go to but somehow there’s always something else the money needs to be spent on so it hasn’t happened yet. Soon enough I’ll learn but probably not until I’ve healed well enough to drive myself anywhere. And trust me the lack of ability to drive is about to drive me bat-shit crazy. I hate being stuck at home.

Surfing: Well that’s something I’m pretty good at. I can while away hours online if given the time and I like to read (as mentioned above) articles that I would have never come across so if you have any good sites feel free to send them to me or comment below. I have found some really bizarre sites and discovered that kitten videos really can be kind of cute. I’m also really good at researching so if there’s something you need found, let me know, I’m pretty damn decent at finding info and writing it up like nobody’s business.

The worst part for me is the silence. The sheer lack of company. I’m not a huge fan of being alone and doing so for hours on end with no one to pass the time with but me and my meds is a bit (okay, a lot) boring. I thrive on having folks to talk with and share stories. My bipolar likes company and putting it in a place where there is only me is a bit like locking me in a cage with a muzzle. However, I do have my blog and I assure you you’ll hear from me often as I have moments of lucidity in between pain med dosages. In between, well I’ve been told it’s rather entertaining to chat with me while loopy, something I don’t recall but you can rest assured there are plenty who do 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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