Enjoy this week’s collection of psych stories:

New Advances in Treating Mood Disorders

In the 2002 movie Minority Report, based loosely on a short story by Philip K. Dick,  the government uses sophisticated computer analytics to predict “pre-crimes” – ie, crimes of murder that have not yet been but are about to be committed. The predictive models are so powerful and generate such confidence that the government has the power to arrest citizens even before they do anything, thus preventing crime on an unprecedented scale and driving the murder rate to zero. Issues of free will and determinism arise. Mayhem, of course, results.

Mental illness can push even the brightest people into homelessness: Jarvis DeBerry

Gwendolyn Brooks, the great Pulitzer-Prize-winning American poet, has a poem that was ringing loudly in my head Tuesday morning as I read a Washington Post story about Alfred Postell. We learn in that Washington Post story that Postell, a diagnosed schizophrenic who is living on the streets of Washington, graduated from Harvard Law with John Roberts, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mary Lambert: Gay Christian, bipolar singing sensation is on a mission to blow celebrity stereotypes apart

Two days before the US Supreme Court legalised gay marriage across the country, Mary Lambert was at the White House, attending a Pride reception and chatting to the President. The 26-year-old singer and poet is happy to take the credit.

New study reveals a fascinating relationship between bipolar disorder and earnings

Mental illness is not something we often talk about at work, but for those who suffer from a mental illness, it often affects how they go about their day.

 Mental health behind bars: a system “that makes absolutely no sense”

Lancaster County’s criminal justice system is far from alone in trying to respond to the challenges of offenders with mental illness.

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