I love to read articles about mental health and have gathered a few that I found interesting. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

I’m a Hypocrite for Hiding My Mental Illness From My Kids (HuffPost Canada)

My bipolar II disorder has had me juggling life with grueling periods of exhaustion that have lasted weeks and months, followed by whirlwind periods of glee where a walk around the block have turned into an obsessive desire to run a half marathon. Dragging myself up to my bed, pulling my heavy body one concrete foot at a time, up each step; gripping the railing, praying I don’t lose the tug of war when a sudden bout of manic energy grips my hand and skips with me through one craft store then the other seeking the perfect accessories for my newfound love of scrapbooking, which I already know will last as long as it takes me to spend all of my last paycheck…

The Criminalization of Mental Illness: Be a Voice for Justice (HuffingtonPost.com)

The criminalization of people with mental illness remains one of the most significant human rights and criminal justice challenges in America. As a pioneer of America’s first Mental Health Court dedicated to the decriminalization of people arrested with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders, the call to action for mental health by Destination Dignity is welcome news…

Urine Test May Spot Differences In Bipolar Disorder And Depression (MedicalDaily.com)

Diagnosis of mental illness is an entirely different animal than diagnosing a physical one. There are not blood or urine tests that can neatly identify who suffers from a mental illness, and there aren’t x-rays or MRIs that can alert one immediately that something inside isn’t working how it should…

Choice of method in attempted suicides reflects risk of subsequent suicide (Medicalxpress.com)

The risk of completed suicide is high among people with previous attempts, particularly during the first few years after the attempt. In a study, researchers at Karolinska Institutet have shown how the method used for the attempt plays a role in the risk of a subsequent suicide death. Some psychiatric diagnoses also entail an increased risk. The study is published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry…

 Study: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children Suffer Mental Illness (CBSAtlanta.com)

A groundbreaking study from Australia finds a large number of children are suffering serious mental health issues, and many parents aren’t aware of it, reports the Sydney Morning Herald…

Mariel Hemingway: ‘I Want to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness’ (People.com)

For many years, the story of Mariel Hemingway’s family has been intertwined with mental illness, addiction and suicide. “My family has had a long struggle with mental illness,” Hemingway, 53 tells PEOPLE. But the Manhattan actress has found healing by speaking out against the stigma long associated with it…

A Look at the Recent Crop of Movies About Mental Illness (ABCNews.com)

This may be the summer of the mental-illness movie…At least half a dozen recent releases reflect characters, both real and fictional, whose experience with mood disorders is central to the story. These films have value beyond the box office: Sympathetic portrayals of people dealing with mental illnesses help broaden public understanding of these little-discussed conditions and show the challenges sufferers face…


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