This Bipolar Life: Weekly Wrap Up

This week covers love and relationships, new research discoveries, and the impact of meds on people with bipolar disorder. I hope you find something helpful in the articles below:

Love Rollercoaster: What It’s Like to Date Someone With Bipolar Disorder

I have my own theory about relationships with the bipolar: the successful ones are those in which the relationship simply isn’t in competition with the disease…

Researchers Homing in on the Genetic Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Scientists compare DNA from families with histories of bipolar disorder with hopes of better understanding the mental illness…

Stress Hormones Can Impact Obesity in Depression, Bipolar Disorder

The results show that cortisol regulation is linked to worsened physical health in people with bipolar disorder or recurrent depressions…

Certain Antidepressants May Be Linked to Bipolar Disorder: Study

Some commonly used antidepressants may increase certain patients’ risk of developing mania or bipolar disorder, a large study suggests..

Possible explanation for why lithium helps bipolar patients

MIT biologists have now discovered a possible explanation for how lithium works. In a study of worms, the researchers identified a key protein that is inhibited by lithium, making the worms less active…

There are several more articles out there. If you’re interested in exploring further here is a link to the latest and greatest on Google.

Thanks for reading!


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