By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the “dot journal” craze. It’s in every craft store, supplies sell fly off the shelves at bookstores and sell even better online. Guess what I did? Tried it. Why? Because everyone else was, of course! Here is a bit of insight into my ridiculous foray of journaling with teeny-tiny boxes, arrows, and (what else?) dots!

My theory was a digital planner wasn’t working to keep all the various aspects of life together in one easily accessible place. I needed my meds, my bills, my schedule, my goals, my journaling, etc. all in a go-to source. Or at least I thought I did. Silly me. I honestly thought I would suddenly become more organized, my days filled with intention and purpose. My actions would have meaning and my efforts rewarding.

Of course reality was a bit different from theory. I picked up the “necessary” supplies, which probably had way too many markers and embellishments. However to be fair, I was actually successful at it for a bit. All of two weeks. What happened next? Well I started (big mistake here) watching YouTube videos on how to keep one. From there it was a slow but steady decline. No shock but still I mourned the loss.

I felt overwhelmed by my internal expectation of having to make all the pretty creative embellishments I’d seen so often in the videos. I wanted to match what I’d seen. To have the swirly colorful swishing across the pages and pretty stickers pointing out all the positivity and daily “wins” if you will.

Of course anyone who knows me that my creative skills may lie elsewhere. Mind you, I’m not sure where that is exactly but I’m confident there is a place for my little corner to artistic skills hidden inside just waiting to burst out.

Or at least that’s what my therapist keeps telling me 🙂

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