This Bipolar Life: Latest News Roundup

I recently realized I’d not been putting out my blog because of fear. I am who I am and nothing else. I know that I’m good enough for me and am working on not giving a damn about everyone else thinks. So yeah, there’s my “gut spilling” for the week. BTW, my next post will all be about these stupid FB groups that are supposed to “support” one another but man do I just put my laptop down sometimes, they get SO negative. Anyway, won’t get into this now as I don’t think it’s relevant at the moment, just know it’s coming 🙂

Now, here is this week’s news round up about the mostly depressing, occasionally lifted, often glorious and sometimes horrid experience that can be life with bipolar disorder:

New Approach Targets Anxiety in Bipolar Disorder By Rick Nauert PhD

I know for me these two disorders are closely linked and I work at keeping them in line to make sure the rest of my life operates smoothly. Between medication, meditation, mood charts and chats with those close to me I manage to get through it.

“Anxiety associated with bipolar disorder is linked to worse clinical outcomes including increased suicidality. Lancaster University investigators said that despite effective psychological treatments for anxiety, research for treatment of anxiety in bipolar disorder (AIBD) is not well-developed.

In the new study, Professors Steven Jones and Fiona Lobban offered adults with both bipolar disorder and clinically significant anxiety symptoms either treatment as usual or the novel intervention. The new AIBD intervention comprised 10 sessions of psychological therapy.”

I found this article an interesting take and summary of this aspect of bipolar.

Here is a brief snippet:

While the etiology of rapid cycling is unclear, findings suggest triggering or causal roles for hypothyroidism (observed in nearly 50% of patients with rapid cycling)3-6 and antidepressant use, with studies indicating antidepressant-induced rapid cycling in 3% to 50% of patients.7-9However, experts are not in agreement regarding the potential causative role of these factors.”

Evolutionary brain changes may have caused bipolar disorder by Kay Vandette

The idea that hereditary aspects are involved in bipolar disorder has been a long-standing debate, one which is great for doctors but for those of us in the trenches, it can be just one more thing to deal with. Parents neither want nor need yet another reminder of somehow screwing their kids up. This is just ONE situation that perhaps would be better if we just left it alone.

Here is a snippet from the article

“A new study found that evolutionary changes in the brain may be the driving factor behind an individual’s predisposition toward certain neuropsychiatric diseases such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.”

In the end we need to treat the symptoms, no matter how they got there. But yeah, the general trajectory is helpful for the professionals involved in your care and friends and family who care for you/us.

Bipolar Disorder: What is it? by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Summary of BD and what it can be like for some people going through it. Interesting read. I always like to include a brief update for folks who may still be exploring. Take a read and post comments below with any questions.


As always, thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

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