Random, Crazy, Disorganized, and Awesome…the Early Morning Teen


With school of teenagers coming up head this throwback of a post seems perfect:

Okay, even adults don’t want to get up at 6am to leave the house for work so why on earth we would create a system that requires the moodiest of human creatures to do so is beyond me.  That said I am always impressed that they manage to do so reasonably dressed and in usually decent moods.  They are, however, rarely fed.

I’m not sure if this is due to the sheer amount of time spent in the bathroom preparing for the day or running around finding shoes, socks, coats, homework, etc. but somewhere along the line breakfast has become a scarce commodity in our house.  Despite my pleas for them to sit down and get something, anything, in their stomachs to start the day they race past me to get to the next urgent part of their morning.

Often I am frustrated by this and today I chose to simply sit back and observe it, realizing that this is their reality and it doesn’t have to conform to mine.  Do I wish it did?  Absolutely.  Will I be as understanding tomorrow?  Probably not.  But for one calm morning it worked just fine to just let them be the random, crazy, disorganized, wonderful growing tweens that they are.

And sometimes just one calm in this bipolar’s morning it just works. And thats enough.

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