Today’s news is filled with so many vile things popping up every day it can be difficult to keep up sometimes, even when you really want to. For people with mental illness times like these make it difficult to keep a positive view and be hopeful about the future. However, it’s not impossible. There are some great ways to find gratitude and joy in an ugly world. Go for a walk, read a book, journal, meditate, and many other ways I’m definitely leaving out.


Over the past two years I have fought to fight for my political views in the hopes of furthering my view of progression. Just like most people I know. Until I realized it was just too hard for me anymore. I could only hope it was possible to be both informed and sane.

And it is. It just takes a load of awareness of my triggers and a lot of compassion toward myself for those moments when I fail. It is still very hard when people devalue my own or anyone else’s existence by their action or lack thereof, however meager it may feel at times to the people being put through it.

Being bipolar I go back and forth between being furious or in despair often and it’s even more common when I’m confronted with an onslaught of ugly, vile, depressing news on a regular basis. I know I’m not the only one who does this and frankly, I know people with and without mental illness who do.

I think the best reaction to all of the influx of information is to just turn it off. Literally. Walk away. Put down the phone. Uninstall FB from it if you can’t bear to have it anywhere but by your side. Shut down the computer and leave it be. For at least a 24-hour break. Life will go on without having to be exposed the ugliness that is put on display daily all for ratings.

Really. Just put it all behind you for a day. Even if just for an hour. Unless someone’s pushed the shiny red button then the world will probably spin just fine without a screen.

Image credit: David Sipress

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