This Bipolar Life: What to Write?

I sit down to write and yet nothing comes out. Nothing of substance at least. I don’t even know where to start anymore. I’m trying to figure out my identity above and beyond my bipolar and that’s scary. It’s hard. It may even be one of the biggest challenges I will ever face.

I know that just picking up the pen is the first step and then it’s the first line which then becomes an intro. But even that feels daunting at the moment. Sometimes it just seems like my entire life is taken over by my bipolar and that’s all I feel like writing about and then I have times when it’s not and then I’m stuck.

Do I still write about bipolar? I mean, it is a bipolar blog right? But what if I want to write about how my day went or how the kids were being right butt heads, or any other number of things that have nothing at all with being bipolar.

That said there are some bipolar topics I still want to tackle, like how it’s portrayed in the media and how it affects children. I’ve written some about how it has affected mine but at this point that is now their story to tell and I am going to head back to the drawing board for that info.

I will tell you that the new therapist I mentioned in the prior post has made mindfulness very important so I’m trying to do this with as much care and attention to detail as possible.

Mainly though I just want us to have fun. So, who’s with me?!?

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