This Bipolar Life: Mid-life Crafting

So, here I am at 44 years old and because I was a young mom (started at 17 – ultra young!) all my kiddos are either launched or close to it. That means I can essentially do what I want with my time as long as it doesn’t bother my wife. Now, I’m lucky enough to have a huge craft area (that I do nothing in for long stretches of time) but have little time or, occasionally, motivation to do anything with the supplies. I could make cards, paint, draw, sew and more. And what do I do? Start various projects and then guess what? Never finish them. Not all of them but a good portion. 

Then I visited my mom who promptly got me started on diamond painting. It’s addictive. I already have a whole new canvas to work on. It’s very meditative for me as it’s sort of like a mix of paint-by-color and cross-stitch and I don’t have to think very hard. Just find the pattern, find the right bead and place it properly. 

Of course this only works if I’ve managed to find and keep my damn cheaters on so I can see the symbols. I guess this is what my mid-life is going to look like. Crafting, drinking loads of tea, hanging out with friends, and making sure to binge watch various shows on Netflix because really, I just can’t manage to only watch one. Especially when it comes to cooking shows. Apparently I like making sure I’m very hungry at the end of the evening – lol.

Part of my bipolar is recognizing that not all of my life has to be wrapped around it and my identity exists both within and outside of it, but more on that later. In the meantime I hope my little tale of crafting at mid-life made you smile a bit.

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