I try to gather relevant news together every now and then (I really do try to do it every other week, I promise) and here is news from the last month:

Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal?

Michael G. Pipich MS, LMFT

“When I’m providing therapy for people with bipolar disorder, one of the greatest concerns they have is losing their creative abilities. People with a bipolar condition adapt to mood swings by getting as much accomplished while manic, knowing that a period of depression may be right around the corner”

Drug for Schizophrenia Can Now Be Prescribed for Bipolar Depression

Healthline Online Science News

Vraylar has been on the market for four years. FDA officials recently gave their approval for the drug to be used to treat bipolar depression.

8 Signs My ‘Depression’ Was Actually Bipolar Disorder Type 2

Jane Roseby

“Bipolar. When my physiatrist told me I had a type of bipolar disorder, I actually laughed at his face. I thought he was joking. I had friends who had bipolar disorder and I acted nothing like them. I didn’t have bizarre manic highs for days, which is the typical image when you think of bipolar. It turns out there is more than one type of bipolar disorder.”

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