For years I have said “I am bipolar” when talking about my illness. Now, in therapy lately I’ve been challenged to rethink how I relate to bipolar and its impact on my life. Now I say “I *have* bipolar” which is very different for me and how I hear it.

People’s reactions to my disclosure are always interesting. Mostly folks don’t understand and just start to change the way they talk with me or just ghost me instead. Sometimes people will ask questions and when that happens I’m more than willing to answer. Breaking the stigma is so important.

A good part of my identity shift is because I am being appropriately treated and although I am still going to have episodes over time for right now I have an illness and am functioning fairly well. I am a well functioning person with bipolar disorder. I now know I am capable and stronger than I think or feel. I have made great progress and fully intend to grow into the best me possible.

Because I’m worth the investment. Always.

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