This Bipolar Life: News Update

I love writing this blog and one of the things I enjoy most about it is being able to get some of the latest information out to everyone who follows it. I hope you find these articles informative: Gender-Based Disparities Identified in Bipolar Disorder Hospitalization Stays Out of 16,271 people studied women spent 3.7% more … Continue reading This Bipolar Life: News Update

This Bipolar Life: Numb

I’m not really sure what to write sometimes. I wish I had profound things to pass along but the reality that I’m just one person and I’m not even particularly witty hits me pretty hard on occasion. See, before the onset of my bipolar I was a wreck but had my good moments. Once we … Continue reading This Bipolar Life: Numb

This Bipolar Life: Professional Mania

Here's a story I've never shared: About two years ago I bought a new car, okay I did so with a loan, but I still put my ass in a new class of manic, even for me. Brand new. I didn’t even test drive it. Nothing. They pulled it up and I signed the papers. … Continue reading This Bipolar Life: Professional Mania

Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

Hello my bipolar friends, followers, and fans. Today we're going to talk about a controversial topic in the treatment of bipolar disorder: Marijuana aka Weed/Cannabis or CBD and its effect on the body and mind while dealing with the condition. Fortunately for me I have been able to try several different kinds of variants and … Continue reading Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

Giving Up Control

I recently had a conversation with someone about my need to control practically everything in my life: my relationships, other folks’ relationships with each other, with me and more. Needless to say I pushed back and denied this trait. Unfortunately after several examples I had to admit there was some (and maybe more than some) … Continue reading Giving Up Control