Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

Hello my bipolar friends, followers, and fans. Today we're going to talk about a controversial topic in the treatment of bipolar disorder: Marijuana aka Weed/Cannabis or CBD and its effect on the body and mind while dealing with the condition. Fortunately for me I have been able to try several different kinds of variants and … Continue reading Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

Giving Up Control

I recently had a conversation with someone about my need to control practically everything in my life: my relationships, other folks’ relationships with each other, with me and more. Needless to say I pushed back and denied this trait. Unfortunately after several examples I had to admit there was some (and maybe more than some) … Continue reading Giving Up Control

“Hey mom…”

“Hey mom can you…?” or “Hey mom I forgot my…” or how about, “Hey mom, can you make me…?” Sound familiar? To moms around the world I’m sure they do. The amusing, or frustrating, aspect of this behavior makes us laugh with hilarity. I had to put a pillow over my face to hide the … Continue reading “Hey mom…”

Ho, Ho, Holidays!

This Christmas is coming up faster than ever it seems and it feels like I can't keep up with the swirling frenetic energy. Too many options. So many expectations. Such an incredible opportunity to make so many smiles appear, and I do so love being a part of that. Here are 5 tips for managing … Continue reading Ho, Ho, Holidays!

News or Sanity? Neither? Both? My Take

Today’s news is filled with so many vile things popping up every day it can be difficult to keep up sometimes, even when you really want to. For people with mental illness times like these make it difficult to keep a positive view and be hopeful about the future. However, it’s not impossible. There are … Continue reading News or Sanity? Neither? Both? My Take