This Bipolar Life: News Round-Up 5/25/20

Hi, every so often I gather recent articles about mental health and bipolar particular. I’m never sure if it’s helpful but I do it anyway – my blog, my rules, right? LOL

Movement based Yoga Can Significantly Improve Mental Health: Aus Researchers – Natasha Chaku/Outlook, The News Scroll (05/25/2020)
This is an interesting and insightful (but brief!) review of how this mindfulness exercise can benefit those of us dealing with a mental illness:
“”Our review of available evidence shows that movement-based yoga improves symptoms of depression in people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. So, it”s very good news for people struggling in times of uncertainty,” Brinsley said.

New Device Quickly Detects Lithium Ions in Blood of Bipolar Disorder Patients – Hokkaido University (05/22/2020)
This is a quick delve into the medical info behind what could be a breakthrough for those of us with bipolar disorder. A new quick-result test is in the works and could take blood draws all the way down to a pin prick:
The researchers succeeded in making a colorimetric paper-based device that allows point-of-care testing in one step. The device consists of two paper-based elements linked to each other: a blood cell separation unit and a colorimetric detection unit. High-purity cotton blotting paper and blood cell separation membrane, which are both available on the market, are used as a substrate for each unit, respectively. Hydrophobic ink was coated on the device to allow easy liquid handling.

When I Finally Had to Admit Bipolar Disorder Makes It Hard to Work – Mindy M. / The Mighty (05/25/2020)
One glance into the reality of a person’s experience with trying to hold down a career while managing her bipolar disorder and the impact it has on her stability:
“I sat at my desk with my head in my hands, my head spinning with racing thoughts. “I don’t know if I can do this again,” was the prominent one surfacing over and over. Part of my daily routine was psyching myself up to get dressed and face my workday. I would pace in my office, dread each task and struggle to believe it was possible to make it to 4:30 p.m. when I could finally breathe again.

New study shows significant positive impact of vagus nerve stimulation therapy for treatment-resistant bipolar depression – NeuroNews (05/21/2020)
Interesting piece on a new form of treatment for bipolar disorder. Worth a quick read:
The study concluded that VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Therapy as an adjunctive treatment to TAU (Treatment as Usual) was more effective than TAU alone in reducing depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation. In addition, patients who received adjunctive VNS therapy had a more rapid onset of response and more durable antidepressant effects. The study drew the conclusion that adjunctive VNS therapy is an efficacious antidepressant treatment for patients with TRBD (Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder).

Borderline Personality Disorder With Depression Raises Risk of Suicide Attempts in Mood Disorder Patients – Dibash Kumar Das, PhD / Psychology Advisor (05/20/2020)
Engaging article on the effects of this dual-diagnosis of BPD and BD combined and the potential impact on those struggling with the disorders:
Suicidal behavior is highly prevalent in BD and BPD, and the suicidal process can be theorized as potentially progressing from ideation to attempt or death. Researchers investigated the current and lifetime prevalence and risk factors of suicide attempts amo­­­ng patients with major depressive episodes in major depressive disorder (MDD) or BD, with or without comorbid BPD.

This Bipolar Life: News Update 8/4/19

Here is the latest and greatest news about bipolar disorder throughout the world. Of course this is not exhaustive but it’s a nice wrap up of a few important articles. I hope you enjoy the post and feel free to ask me questions in comments or via email.

The Unacknowledged Prejudice Against People Living With Mental Illness – James Norman (7/13/19)

There is widespread focus on racial, gender and wage, and LGBTQ+ rights/discrimination. However, in my opinion, little attention is given to the facts, conditions and prejudices faced by people with mental illness because of the policies and practices of federal/state agencies, public/private employers, as well as the population at large…

Saoirse Kennedy Hill once wrote about her depression. Patrick Kennedy wants you to read her words – Jason Hanna (8/3/19)

Former US Rep. Patrick Kennedy left office years ago to focus on battling a drug addiction and bipolar disorder. Now, after his relative Saoirse Kennedy Hill died this week, he’s praising her for…

9 Taboo Manifestations of Bipolar Disorder – Cherie Davies (8/2/19)

For me, bipolar is a dense demon to diminish. Although people experience it differently, this symptom showcases the complex nature of bipolar. It can be pretty hard to come to terms with, especially with mental illness being such a taboo subject…

Strategies to help prevent infanticide, suicide in postpartum psychosis – Luykx JJ, et al. JAMA Psychiatry. (7/31/19)

For the prevention of infanticide and suicide in the postpartum period, experts wrote that inpatient care — preferably at a mother-infant unit — is vital to guarantee safety, complete the diagnostic evaluation and initiate treatment…

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This Bipolar Life: News Update

I love writing this blog and one of the things I enjoy most about it is being able to get some of the latest information out to everyone who follows it. I hope you find these articles informative:

Gender-Based Disparities Identified in Bipolar Disorder Hospitalization Stays

Out of 16,271 people studied women spent 3.7% more time in the hospital than men…Variables captured at index hospitalization included gender, bipolar disorder subtype, comorbid substance/alcohol use disorders, and comorbid personality disorders. Credit: Emily Pond

What Bipolar II Feels Like

This bipolar II. This many-sided creature. This life of mine. This brain constantly in conference with the racing heart, reminding me to slow down, stay calm. – Credit: Bassey Ikpi

Praying for Involuntary Commitment: PA Family Struggles to Help Bipolar Relative

Because Kim doesn’t believe she has a mental illness, she refuses any treatment, Martha said. That’s led to a decade of struggling to get her daughter help in a system that is set up to protect people from being committed against their will. Credit: Brett Sholtis

Ketamine May Be Equally Effective in Axious vs Nonanxious Depression

Overall, investigators conclude that while these results could indicate that intravenous ketamine may be equally effective for the treatment of anxious and non-anxious TRD, the “results are still exploratory and future larger and adequately powered studies designed to specifically test this aim are warranted.” – Credit: Psychiatry Contributing Advisor

Bringing Humanity to the Study of Bipolar

American psychiatrist and writer Kay Redfield Jamison has been open about sharing her experiences of mania and depression and wants others to do the same – Credit: Slyvia Thompson

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News or Sanity? Neither? Both? My Take

Today’s news is filled with so many vile things popping up every day it can be difficult to keep up sometimes, even when you really want to. For people with mental illness times like these make it difficult to keep a positive view and be hopeful about the future. However, it’s not impossible. There are some great ways to find gratitude and joy in an ugly world. Go for a walk, read a book, journal, meditate, and many other ways I’m definitely leaving out.


Over the past two years I have fought to fight for my political views in the hopes of furthering my view of progression. Just like most people I know. Until I realized it was just too hard for me anymore. I could only hope it was possible to be both informed and sane.

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This Bipolar Life: News Roundup – 8/31/18


These are a few articles that I found helpful over the past couple of weeks that I really felt compelled to share. I believe they offer new insights or approaches that might be helpful to some with this condition. I would truly appreciate comments at the end to help make sure you are getting the information you would want:

Cannabis Use in Bipolar Disorder Presents a Treatment Challenge – Abigail Nover, 8/28/18

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