This Bipolar Life: Be Your Own Boss?

So it’s been said (a lot) the people with severe mental illnesses, like bipolar or schizophrenia, don’t know how or can’t keep a job and they become a drain on society. My story, and those of many others, takes a different turn. I do keep myself employed most of the time. I have switched companies a few times and there have been some fairly large gaps in time but I have always come back to working, at least part-time.

However, what seems to work best for a lot of people with mental illness is to be your own boss. To that end I have started and ended at least four businesses. They all failed. I failed. But then something happened, I got back up again and kept trying. After working for myself once before as a real estate agent (a good one too) I returned to that experience as the basis for my ultimate goal: the ability to earn income no matter where I was in the world. I want to travel and I needed a business that would allow it. I’ve loved grant writing for years and now I’m turning it into my full-time business – finally!

I believe firmly that really making a solid effort to reach a goal can make all the difference and although it can be difficult for me to stay on top of all the moving parts, it is worth it. I prefer to answer to myself (and my clients of course) for my hours, my effort, my outcomes. All of it. I like to be my own boss. I still need accountability. That’s where the challenge comes in and not just for me or people with bipolar but for many solo business owners. Fortunately technology is amazing these days and I can virtual sticky notes for nearly everything and an calendar item for every commitment. I’m getting better and better each time. This much I know.

Clearly I have struggled with this for years but finally have the “oomph” to move forward and combine my passion to create positive change with my writing and research expertise. I have finally launched my grant writing business and I feel relieved. It’s coming into fruition. Now I just need a few clients…lol!

So (shameless plug ahead) with that in mind, if you need funding for a project you’re working on…check out my company: You’ll be surprised by what I can find if I just put my (occasionally addled) mind to it!